Hand-held Device a Win in the Nespresso Coffee Pod Recycling Dilemma

Posted on September 22 2016

In a world where a staggering two billion cups of coffee are consumed every single day, one fact is undisputable: many of us can’t live without our daily dose of coffee. Good coffee!  The advent of the Nestlé Nespresso® single-serve coffee pod saw passionate coffee consumers move from more conventional ways of getting their caffeine fix, to obtaining that perfect cuppa from a pod. With this market growing almost exponentially year upon year, the elephant in the room is the non-biodegradable nature of that pod, and the massive carbon footprint this popular caffeine habit generates.
Introducing NessiePress®: the Household Pod Recycler
Good news for concerned Nespresso® Coffee drinkers is the NessiePress®: an ingenious, stylish little hand-held gadget that effectively recycles Nespresso® pods. Operation is simple: open the NessiePress®, place the used pod upside down in it, replace the lid and press. In one action the food-grade aluminium has been compacted, and the hugely versatile coffee grounds have been extracted. The compressed pod now takes up far less space for easy storage. When an ample volume has been collected, NessiePress® users can sell this sought-after metal to scrapyard dealers. The extracted coffee grounds are, quite literally, ‘earth food’.  In addition to the various by-products that can be produced, the simplest use for them is as fertiliser in gardens.

NessiePress®: Now Available Worldwide
A proudly-Australian invention, NessiePress® is patented and will be available in a choice of three fashion colours. This nifty kitchen utensil will be launched globally during September/October 2016.
Shipping is undertaken worldwide. For any additional information, please visit https://www.nessiepress.com/  
Compiled by:  Cecile Kiley, Red-Hot Writing
Company:  NessiePress